Good writing is about getting the ideas that are in your head into your reader's head. As you enroll in pre-college and college writing courses, your readers will be confused if you use grammar that they don't understand.

Core Grammar for CollegeSM (CGC), now in its second edition, will teach you the grammar that your new reading audience expects to see and is able to understand. Over 90% of students who have used CGC tell us that it is "helpful" or "very helpful" to them. We think it can help you, too.

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Here's why CGC works. It is an online program that teaches you only the most important grammar that you need to succeed in college-level writing. When you purchase CGC and log in to the website, you will find:

  • twenty-four short lessons that you can complete in about fifteen minutes each;
  • interactive exercises that let you practice what you just learned in each lesson;
  • a useful index of grammar rules and a glossary of grammar terms that you can use when you need them; and
  • many other useful resources and tools.

CGC was developed by two professors at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Together, they have over 30 years of experience teaching writing to students like you.