Faculty & Instructors

Thank you for your interest in Core Grammar for College (CGC).

CGC is an online, self-directed learning tool designed to help students learn the most critical grammar conventions needed to succeed in college-level writing.

CGC broadly defines "grammar" as the set of communication conventions that allow individuals in a given discipline or community to communicate clearly and effectively with one another. Punctuation marks, in turn, are the symbols we place on paper to direct our readers and make our meaning clear.

The ability to follow grammar conventions flawlessly is not the only skill that college-level writers need to acquire to succeed, but it is a skill that is a necessary part of their success. CGC gives students a means to acquire that skill at their own pace, using well-recognized educational principles that will focus their attention, increase their confidence, and help them integrate writing habits that are critical to their success.

For Students

CGC provides the following five elements for students:

a series of carefully selected Lessons, clustered in six Sections, that teach critical grammar skills in the context of writing and revision;
interactive Exercises (with hints and immediately reinforcing feedback) following each Lesson that allow students to actively apply the grammar skills covered in that Lesson;
a Pre-Test and series of Post-Tests that allow students (and their Instructors) to assess the students’ mastery of the grammar skills covered in CGC;
a "Weigh-In" game that gives students an opportunity to complete more interactive Exercises while keeping a record of their success; and
additional online resources that include a hyperlinked grammar Rules Index and a Glossary of grammar terms.

Students will track their progress through the program using the Bookshelf, a home page that retains their scores on tests and records their progress through Lessons and Exercises.

For Instructors

In addition to the Tests, Lessons, and Exercises available to students and Instructors alike, CGC includes a Learning Management System (LMS) exclusively for Instructors. The LMS allows Instructors to track the progress of their students. The LMS also allows Instructors to create groups of classes so that Instructors working together can compare student performance across classes or across a school as a whole.

Additional Features For Faculty

In addition to the Tests, Lessons, Exercises, and supplementary information available for students, CGC includes a Learning Management System (LMS) for faculty. The LMS allows faculty to track the progress of their individual students and the performance of their class as a group. The LMS also allows faculty to create clusters of classes so that faculty working together can track student performance across classes or for a school as a whole. There is also a comprehensive Teacher's Manual that offers teaching suggestions and an overview of the pedagogical theories reflected in the program.

Review Copy

Faculty can obtain a complimentary review subscription to Core Grammar for College, courtesy of Carolina Academic Press. Please give us between 24 and 48 hours to verify your Instructor status and provide you with your complimentary subscription. When you request a complimentary subscription, you will receive an email immediately with a link to a Preview of the program. The Preview will allow you to explore the components of CGC in depth while you wait for your full subscription to be activated.

How CGC works

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